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The Canadian Practice-Based Research and Innovation Network

The Canadian Practice-Based Research and Innovation Network (CP-BRaIN) is a collective of practice-based researchers and innovation leaders across Canada.

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The Value of Practice-Based Research

While individual practice-based programs have been successfully established across the country, members agreed that there was immense value in establishing an overall Canadian network to advance practice-based research. As a network, these individual programs are enabled to share knowledge, best practices, resources and successes (e.g., educational seminars, templates, literature, approaches to measuring impact, etc.)

​The network allows individual members to share ideas for new initiatives that enable healthcare professionals to engage in practice-based research. Finally, having a collective network with shared goals will also facilitate the potential for future evaluation of the larger impact of practice-based research.

Latest Publications

Advancing Clinical Research Communities in Healthcare Organizations: Proceedings from the Inaugural Canadian Practice-Based Research Network Planning Meeting

Teresa J. Valenzano, Daniela Bellicoso, Sara Morassaei, Jane Topolovec-Vranic, Katie Churchill, Nicole Thomson, Alexandra Harris, Lianne Jeffs, Lisa Di Prospero

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